Step 1 - Download FFXI

You don't need the old CD/DVD's. You don't need to buy anything and it's free each month. There is no server fee.

You can download the entire game here:

Step 2 - Configure Your Client

Simply download a few programs in order to setup your client for our FFXI Private Server. Follow the steps on this site to a TEE, do not miss anything it you will have to start over.

Step 3 - Join our server and PLAY!

With step 1 and 2 completed - you simply need to enter our IP address into your windower config file! Join our Facebook and Discord group for this information!


Our Server

Hello fellow FFXI players! I'm from the 2003-2004 period and I truly enjoyed the game before all of the expansions! Our server was specifically setup for those users who want a true vintage feel of FFXI! We mean the true 2003-2005 with only ROZ (Rise of Zilart) enabled.

We are also very open with all of our members and if there's any suggestion, we highly consider it in order to make the game and overall experience more enjoyable.

Thanks for visiting our site - we really help you will join us in this adventure!