Our Background

Our members come from the release dates of FFXI in North America. We strive on bringing that experience back to our user base!

6 party leveling, Leaping Lizzy, valkurm dunes, HNM camping - it will all be there in our server.

We are also very open to any opinions or changes our users are requesting to make the game better for all parties involved!


Our goal

To provide all of our players with a vanilla true experience of the game, as it was when it was released. To setup the servers, quests, missions and leveling as it appeared 10 years ago.


It's completely free and you are more then welcome to join our servers and give it a try! There is no monthly fee and there is no cost to download the game.


Founder of Control Server

Control stated playing the game in 2003 and quit in 2007, his characters were on Shiva and he was in various linkshells.


Server Host

Beniyahou also started in 2003 on the server Bismarck, he was in various end game linkshells and guilds. Beniyahou was known as a very 'elite' player who was honest.


Server Admin

Squishie is just a silly tarutaru from bismarck that does /panic dances.